About Fractured Paradigm

Fractured Paradigm is dedicated to natural health for all living things. Our goal is simple – to encourage respect for nature and ourselves by educating people on the values of living naturally. We are firmly against the use of genetically modified organisms and very much in favor of labeling any products that do use GMOs. We are concerned for pollinators and their struggle with factors such as pesticides and monocropping. We believe everyone and everything is healthier when we don’t mess with nature.

Fractured Paradigm provides articles and research to our readers so they can be better informed about these issues. We’ve also launched an international Organic & Non-GMO Directory to help people eat and live healthier by providing easy information about organic products, restaurants, cafes, farmer’s markets, stores, brands and apiaries in their areas. This is an ongoing project and we appreciate any suggestions from our readers!

If you have any questions or comments, you’re always welcome to write to info@fracturedparadigm.com. We love hearing from our readers!

  • Eugene

    How did a company like this become so powerful. can’t the people break them up like we did Standard Oil USA in the mid 1930’s ? They own everything and control the courts and politicians. Can we have the news media out there ? Oh, they may also be controlled by Monsanto